“Keep a copy of everything you write.”

Those were the words of my mother, in the mid-1960’s, as a young boy with an interest in poetry.

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By nature, I am a communicator.

I love to write, but I also find great satisfaction in presenting a concept to a group. Whether teaching a class

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When I was a young boy of twelve years age, I began to feel a strong call, perhaps a sense of destiny, to go out and make a difference. I was a ‘nobody’ in a large school. Invisible, surrounded by many people but with few close friends,

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The Pandora Files

What’s all this talk about Austin Boyd and bioethics? Click here and learn more about Zondervan’s new series The Pandora Files. Biotechnology and medicine are changing faster than you realize. Everything is not what it first appears.

More about the Pandora Files

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